It is very hot. There is nothing to be seen but very hot Flame for a very long distance. Even those with really good eyes can only see Hot Fire, no matter how they do a squint. It is also big and round.

How the Sun Works Edit

it is actually very small, about the same size as the moon, and it hovers above the world dome irregularly throughout the year. It does not spin around the earth, because that would burn at least a few of the turtles below the earth.

Some Facts About the Surface Edit

there are some temples on the surface of the sun that have been traveled through by a protagonist or protagonists. you can read about these adventures in a special tome, but only one handwritten copy of the tome exists. in order to read a passage or passages from the tome, you must send a private message to the Tomekeeper with the page(s) and paragraph(s) you are interested in receiving an ephemeral monochromatic scan of. the Tomekeeper has yet to have been contacted by anybody.